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Respirator Mask with P3 Filter

You can have the full safety and protection from small  particles you need with 99.995% certainty.

 This unique design and advanced filtration system guarantee a high-level comfort and safety. The system provides respiratory protection against biological substances and particles up to 3 microns. It includes a half mask and 2 P3 filters that can be disinfected.

  • Efficient filtering of particles and biological substances.
  • Unique design structure provides full proofing while maintaining maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable fitting straps hold the mask in place
  • Adapted for use with protective goggles
  • Sterilizable

This new half-mask is easier to wear and less bulky than their military and hospital version. It's reusable endless times, you can wipe it down with alcohol and it even stands harsh sterilization.

It’s specially designed to give you a perfect air-tight seal around the nose and mouth..

For full-face protection you can’t get from any paper or cloth mask. It’s MUCH more comfortable too so you can wear it for longer periods of time. And it won’t give you that horrible mask acne that so many people have come down with. And it is reusable over and over again, countless times.

Together, the NATO 40mm medical silicone reusable mask and P3R nano particle filter provide you with some of the best possible protection.

Fabric Straps: Fast and easy to put on and take off.

Stopcocks: Flexible, comfortable and stands up to everyday use.

P3 R Nano Particle filter: Stops particles as small as 0.2 microns. It's lightweight and filters out as much as 99.995% of bio threats.

Mouth-nose mask: Manufactured from medical grade liquid silicone and it seals perfectly air-tight. Comfortable. 20 year shelf-life for long-term storage.