Fangtian FT-N010 N95 Mask NIOSH Approved - 20 Pack Box

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       Fangtian FT-N010 N95 Mask NIOSH Approved                              20 per box/$1.49 each

FT-N010. CDC, NIOSH-Approved N95 Filtering Facepiece for anti-dust applications. NIOSH approval number is TC-84A-7701.
Cup shaped respirator face mask for enhanced comfort and breathability. Head straps as required of all N95s to ensure a proper fit.
Traditionally used for protection against dust in industrial work environments (e.g. construction, mining, casting, grinding, sanding, and agriculture). Not for medical settings.
Mask body and elastic head straps made from meltblown and other latex free non woven materials. 

Mask makes contact with face, neck, and head. 


Fangtian FT-N010 N95 Filtering Face piece for Anti-dust, NIOSH Approved face mask. Recommended for construction, mining, casting, grinding, sanding and agriculture etc. 

NIOSH approval number is TC-84A-7701. Small version of FANGTIAN FT-N058 N95 mask.

Face has contact with the inner layer, nose contact with Nose Foam and the ear has contact with the Head Band. 

Middle Filter layer:  Poly Propylene  Melt-blown non-woven fabric (3 layers).

Inner Layer: electrostatic cotton.
Nose Foam: Adjustable metal with padded foam.
Head Band: Latex free elastic

 Strap or Elastic (to confirm): Elastic
Parts of the body contacted by mask

Nose contacted by Nose Foam.
Ear contacted by Head Band.
Face contacted by Inner Layer