Salvavida P3 ULPA NANO Filter - Designed And Engineered In Israel - 10 pack - Plus FREE BONUS - Guardian Half Mask - *** On Sale Was 149.99 ***

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Salvavida P3 ULPA filter for Half Mask Respirator - 10 Pack

CE 1024 and UE certified nanoparticle  canister filter. 

  **** 10 pack -$109.99 -- WHILE SUPPLIES LAST ****

Salvavida P3 ULPA filter for use with Half Mask.. CE 1024 and UE certified nanoparticle and dust canister filter. Engineered using the latest in ULPA U15 filtration technology. The same filter material used in panel filters found in clean rooms where semiconductors are manufactured and Biolabs BSL4 Bio hazard labs. The Salvavida ULPA U15 cartridge filters are made using advanced filter media of Borosilicate glass microfiber coated with a special acrylic resign creating a nanoparticle hand held dust and particle filter system. They are made to the highest standards and meet or exceed specifications in practically every metric.


  • Made In Europe